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*Actual tour begins at 5:27

I hope you guys enjoyed this super affordable bathroom makeover with a focus on decor and non-destructive upgrades! Special thanks to my amazing dad for lending his expertise and home improvement skills throughout this process. The previous owners had great taste and may have splurged a bit on the master bathroom remodel in an effort to sale the home (it worked by the way lol). My dad predicted around $10-15K was spent for the upgrades (including labor), however, we were able to make the space our own for around $2500 (including paint and labor)! I hope this video inspires you to take control of your own space and make it a relaxing retreat that fits your needs.

Storage cabinet:
Shower system:
Chandelier (correction: only $129!):
Glass bottle dispensers (correction: actually 16oz not 8)
Amber colored:
Clear stainless steel:
Paint color: “Software” by Sherwin Williams
Filmed with: Canon Power Shot G7 X Mark II
Edited with: Final Cut Pro X
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