Amazing origami crafts that make great decorations

Some homes look great with minimal design, but that doesn’t mean color should be left out – especially when you are recycling. In this video, I show you how to turn your house into a cozy home using some of my magnificent crafts.
– You can use some craft paper and your hand as a guide to making beautiful roses. Every time you crop some more paper, make it smaller than the other one and then place each pedal inside the other.
– You can make beautiful picture frames using card paper. Just cut the corner edges off in squares, add some colorful patterns on them and then roll them just like I show you in the video. After that, add your favorite photos inside and put them on the wall.
– Since buying carrier bags doesn’t help our planet, I show you how to turn a box into a bag dispenser you can have inside your car and get them when you need them.
– You can make beautiful flowers using tissue paper and some craft wire. Then you can place them inside a vase on your coffee table to give your room some color. You can make all sorts of flowers too such as lilies, tulips, and dandelions.

1:10 – DIY back dispenser
2:09 – Amazing DIY bookmark
3:30 – Adorable flowers for your home
7:05 – Beautiful roses tutorial
10:42 – Awesome crafts that will give your room some color
11:24 – How to fold toilet paper
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